Did You Know?

How life in Hopewell Township has improved with Democratic Leadership

Learn more about our endorsed Democratic candidate for Township Committee Uma Purandare.


Community Support

Did you know Hopewell Township Democrats…​​

  • Introduced new community engagement tools, including Have Your Say Hopewell and an Instagram page

  • Moved to the design phase for the new Senior and Community Center (after 20 years of talk)

  • Successfully renovated the existing Senior Center while we work towards building a new Senior Center

  • Ensured meals were delivered to seniors while the Senior Center was closed

  • Negotiated with Capital Health to fund 50% of our Senior Services coordinator and to support our public health nurse


Did you know Hopewell Township Democrats…

  • Have fought the Penn East pipeline all the way to the Supreme Court, successfully delaying the project for seven years

  • Personally lobbied FERC leadership against the Penn East pipeline

  • Installed electric vehicle charging stations at the Township Building

  • Achieved Tree City USA status

  • Received a Sustainable Jersey grant for recycling styrofoam

  • Won the New Jersey Solar Challenge by installing more solar panels per capita than any community in New Jersey

  • Hopewell Township's lighting ordinance was updated with state-of-the-art approaches minimizing the growing problem of light pollution, while maximizing energy efficiency and safety through best practices in design and technology.


Did you know Hopewell Township Democrats…

  • Recognized one of Hopewell Township’s long-standing families (the Woolseys) for their long-term connections to the Township

  • Adopted a resolution and lit the Township Building in purple to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment giving women the right to vote

  • Formed a citizen committee to plan celebrations for the 325th anniversary of the founding of the Township

  • Sponsored an event that brought Hopewell Township’s founding documents to the Township Building for a public ceremony in honor of the 320th anniversary of the Township


Did you know Hopewell Township Democrats…

  • Adopted a budget this year with an increase of less than 2%

  • Lowered the overall amount of Township debt

  • Have successfully managed the Township budget, holding to a five year average increase of 2.29%

  • Kept 2020 spending below the 2015 budget levels

  • Have significantly increased the amount of grant funding to reduce the burden of residential property taxes

  • Changed the budget process so capital projects could be funded earlier in the year at better rates—allowing us to do more with less

  • Worked with the Hopewell Valley School District to change the timing of payments, thereby freeing up $2 million in funds

  • Successfully negotiated a PILOT agreement for the Zaitz tract, which will bring in $112 million
    over time (compared to $18 million without a PILOT), reducing the burden on taxpayers

  • Successfully found a new anchor tenant to the BMS campus, bringing a world-class pharma company to the Township

  • Lobbied at the state level for municipally directed funds in response to the pandemic

  • Settled a long-standing dispute with Capital Health resulting in a six figure settlement

  • Worked with the successors of Merrill Lynch to bring in new tenants and reduce the potential property tax burden for residents

  • Built a new communications tower that is being rented to cell phone companies, bringing in revenue

  • Sold a liquor license, bringing in revenue to the Township

Health & Welfare

Did you know Hopewell Township Democrats…

  • Support WomenSpace every year with a resolution and event  

  • Advertised and hired a new Public Health Department Officer shortly after the position became vacant 

  • Hired contact tracers to respond to the pandemic


Did you know Hopewell Township Democrats…

  • Saved millions of dollars in litigation costs by successfully negotiating an agreement with Fair Share for affordable housing

Social Justice

Did you know Hopewell Township Democrats…

  • For the first time in Township history, recognized LGBTQ rights by raising a Pride Flag to fly at the Township building

  • Recognized by resolution the deep history of and contribution of African American residents during Black History month

  • Formed a citizen committee to address systemic racism

  • Created a position for a civilian director of the Police Department

Open Space, Parks, & Recreation

Did you know Hopewell Township Democrats…

  • Successfully preserved the Mount Rose preserve and stopped hundreds of homes from being built

  • Worked with the County to preserve and protect the Hopewell Valley Golf Course

  • Created a Township-wide network of safe bike lanes (in conjunction with the County)

  • Hired a new Recreation Director who implemented drive-in movies for the summer

  • Built the new Safe Routes to School at Timberlane and the high school

  • Preserved Woosamonsa Ridge and the Regan property

  • Ensured that Hopewell Township leads the County in open space and preserved farmland

  • Obtained a $1 million grant from the federal government to complete the Lawrence Hopewell Trail

  • Supported the opening of many new segments of the Lawrence Hopewell Trail

Public works

Did you know Hopewell Township Democrats…

  • Brought back bulk waste collection

  • Reduced the annual cost of winter road maintenance by adopting a “salt fund”

  • Introduced tandem trucks to improve Public Works efficiency

  • Introduced fuel-saving hybrid vehicles for the Police Department

  • Supported the accreditation process for the Hopewell Township Police Department

  • Ensured Public Works continued brush and leaf pickup during the pandemic

  • Oversaw the rebuilding of the Public Works fleet after the disastrous 2015 fire

  • Worked with Mercer County to improve recycling in the Township

  • Introduced higher seasonal staffing for Public Works and Recreation to meet residents’ needs during the spring and summer

  • Insisted Trenton Water Works address Hopewell Township resident needs

  • Improved emergency communications capabilities for the Police Department


Did you know Hopewell Township Democrats…

  • Adopted an energy aggregation plan to lower residential electric bills

  • Worked with PSE&G on a long-term program to improve grid reliability in Hopewell Township


Did you know Hopewell Township Democrats…​

  • Filled a sudden vacancy in the health department with a seasoned professional who oversaw our health needs during the height of the pandemic 

  • Simplified the process for restaurants to get permits for outdoor dining during COVID-19

  • Kept government fully functioning without interruption during the pandemic

  • Worked with our senior director to develop at-home activities for seniors during the pandemic

  • Unlike neighboring communities, made COVID-19 infection numbers public at the very beginning of the pandemic and continuing daily throughout the height of the pandemic 

  • Kept the local trails open during the COVID-19 quarantine